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Q) What Is A Port A Weddings by Padre Ryan Beach Wedding?

A) We are THE beach wedding company in Port Aransas, TX. We only do beach weddings and we only do the best weddings. Upper Padre Island and Mustang are barrier islands just minutes from the Sparkling City known as Corpus Christi, Texas. As ‘beach wedding experts’, we provide everything and everyone you need for your ceremony. From the officiant to the violinist; from the videographers to the photographers; we take care of the details of your ceremony. But we also provide something else as part of our services: valuable information that will make the selection of restaurants, caterers, beach house rental agencies and other vendors simple and easy.


Q) What Are the Benefits of a Beach Wedding?

A) We believe that there are three key reasons for a beach wedding: simplicity, affordability and beauty.  The natural beauty of the ocean seems to bring out the best in everyone. Rather than the stress of many traditional ceremonies, beach weddings allow everyone to relax and enjoy the moment. That doesn’t mean that a couple can’t have eight attendants in formal attire (although the majority of beach weddings are small to medium and often, but not always, barefoot). It just means that everyone has a festive, positive and relaxed attitude. Relax you are on island time!


Q) How Do I Get Started With My Beach Wedding?

A) Once you’ve visited our website at you can

<Request Info >


Q) What If I Want to Make Substitutions in the Wedding Ceremony Options?

A) The options are only there to help simplify the planning of your wedding ceremony. We are completely flexible and are happy to add or subtract any of the components. It is your wedding day!


Q) How Can I Confirm My Date and Time?

A) Once you’ve decided on a day and time, we check our schedule and then send a proposal via email. You can view and accept the proposal right on your web browser.

Once we receive your deposit, we’ll send a confirmation of the receipt  along with our Part Two: Getting Started information, along with Part Three: Ceremony & Reception Options


Q) What If I Want To Speak With Someone on the Phone?

A) If you still have questions after reading the information packets, just call us at 361-857-8068 and we’ll be glad to answer any questions that you may have.


Q)  What If I Want To Meet In Person?

A) Our specialty is in helping out-of-town couples have a simple, beautiful and affordable beach wedding ceremony without the added stress of making trips to the Corpus Christi, Port Aransas/Rockport area ahead of time. It’s a way of keeping costs down for you. But we appreciate that some people prefer to visit the beach for themselves.  To schedule a meeting on the beach, please call or email us at least two weeks in advance or you can schedule a visit to our offices in Uptown Corpus Christi anytime.


Q) How Do We Select Our Wedding Vows?

A)  Once you’ve reserved your date and time, we will send a copy of our Vow Options to you for your review. But please know that we are flexible when it comes to the ceremonies. We perform the Seaside Ceremonies, the Traditional Protestant Ceremony, Spiritually-oriented Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, Wedding Vow Renewals and personalized vows.


Q) Where are the Ceremonies Performed?

A) Most of our ceremonies occur in Port Aransas, TX between Mile Markers 1-26. We also perform ceremonies in Rockport, TX which is slightly north of Port Aransas across the channel. Further south of Port Aransas are some of the resort condo properties that front the coastline and some of our clients prefer the convenience of these locations as they provide easy access for guests directly from their lodging. A growing number of couples are choosing Upper Padre Island which is actually a part of the city of Corpus Christi, TX. Coming in the Summer of 2016 there will be a new Schlitterbahn Beach Resort opening as well as increased lodging, dining and entertainment options. The furthest most southern point in our area to get married is the Padre Island National Seashore.


Q) Are all of the beaches public?

A) Yes! In the State of Texas all beaches are considered public highways. There are some areas that are off limits to cars and some areas that cost to park on them, but no beaches are private and therefore no individual or company can restrict beach access in front of their property. There are however some areas where permits are required or your guests may have to pay to access to drive/park on the beach.


Q)   How does the Planning Process work?

A)  After having been a part of over a thousand weddings in our careers, we have found that when we both put everything in writing, the process is more organized and efficient. That, and the fact that it’s more convenient for our couples, is why we prefer to use email rather than phone calls. We create a folder for every couple and then we have instant access to every detail of your ceremony.  With the busy lives that people have, we found that trying to track people down on the phone is difficult.


Q) How Long Does the Planning Process Take?

A) We plan and coordinate weddings as much as two years in advance and some with just a few days’ notice.


Q) Can I have a wedding any day of the week?

A) While Saturday's are definitely the most popular, followed by Friday's we can are happy to accommodate any day of the week for you. We even give a small discount of 10% for a Monday-Thursday event. Be sure and check out our specials for seasonal deals too!


Q) Can I have a wedding during Spring Break or on a Holiday?

A) While we might suggest another weekend for you, we are not afraid to brave the crowds to make your day what you always dreamed it could be. We do have a 20% premium for a holiday event, but we understand that sometimes it's just easier to have the whole family here on a holiday.


Q) How much is the deposit?

A) Our deposit is 50% of the overall contract and that applies towards the final balance which is due two weeks before the event. The deposit can be paid by check, cash or major credit card, in person or over the phone. We use the deposit to place deposits on your behalf at any vendors that are required. Be leery of wedding planners that don't charge a deposit or enough of one because they may not have vendors locked in place for your wedding day. Almost all vendors require a deposit to reserve their services.


Q) When is the balance due?

A) The balance is due three weeks prior to your wedding date.  We will send you an invoice two weeks before it’s due. Failure to make timely payments may jeopardize your wedding date or vendors.



We offer a variety of seating options from classic white wood wedding chairs to chiavari elegance and rustic pine benches. Most packages include some kind of seating with only our hearts in the sand package not including seating. Additional seating can be added to any package for $6/chair or $20/bench.


Unless everyone who’s coming to your wedding is under the age of 35, some of your guests are probably going to want to take a seat during the ceremony. It’s a good idea to make sure the VIP’s (the mothers, fathers and any grandparents) are comfortable. Keep the chair decorations to a minimum, since the beach already provides the perfect backdrop. Add a few thin ribbons to the backs of the chairs in the last row, or a small starfish or flower arrangement to each chair that borders the aisle.  Shepard hooks with jars with flowers, ferns with tiki torches are our favorite choices.  These can be personalized.



We offer both male and female officiants and unless there is an issue with availability we let you choose which gender you prefer. Our ceremonies can be religious or non-religious and the wording and vows are your final approval. This is your wedding, we will ensure the ceremony and vows are done the way you desire. Your officiant will call a week prior to the ceremony, and will be at the ceremony location 30 minutes prior to your scheduled wedding time.



Texas Beach Country Weddings is proud to be a part of a larger company in Padre Ryan Weddings and Events and as such has access to some of South Texas's best photographers in Padre Ryan Photographic. We offer a great add-on rate of $250/hour which is inclusive of copyright for you. Some of our packages already include photography or you are welcome to bring your own photographer. To see samples of work from Padre Ryan at or see their great reviews




From aisle music to reception and dance music we have you covered. We can arrange musicians for your ceremony or simply have music played of your choice for you and your attendants to walk down the aisle to. We have a beach sound system that is specifically built for the beach it has a look that will match and a sound that will be heard over the wind and waves. With the natural sounds of gulls and waves crashing, you may not need much additional music. Consider hiring someone to play acoustic guitar or a string quartet.


For your reception our sister Company Sparkling City Photo Booth and DJ can plan a party that will be talked about for years to come with all of the best music. They can DJ right on the beach or inside at a traditional reception. and be sure to check out their reviews.




A Texas Beach Country Wedding

Upper Padre & Mustang Islands are barrier islands surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico on one side and a salt water lagoon, The Laguna Madre, on the other.  The length of Mustang Island is approximately 18 miles long and just under two miles wide.  The entire coastline is considered ‘public’ beach which means that ceremonies can take place anywhere along the beach.  However, there are certain beaches which are not wide enough or accessible enough to be conducive of a great ceremony. As part of the wedding planning process, we work with our couples to determine the best location for your ceremony and we will let you know this information early so that you can include the address in your wedding invitations. The location can depend on many factors, one of which is proximity to a beach house or condo if you decide to rent one, as well as how many guests will be attending.



Beach House & Condo Rentals

Some couples choose to rent a beach house or condo and then have their ceremony in front of the house or condo on the beach.  This works out especially well if the reception is held in the house afterward. However, couples do need to know that beach realty companies are specific about which houses they are willing to rent as ‘event houses’ and there is typically an extra fee for weddings.  Many couples rent their houses from the many reputable sites which feature home rentals by owners.  Once a couple sends in the deposit, we provide easy-to-understand information on how to rent a house or condo in our information packet.


The good news is that you do not have to rent a beach-front house or condo in order to have a wedding and reception on the beach. Since the island is less than two miles wide, you can get across it at almost any point in about 5-10 minutes. There are many places you can rent golf carts to move about the island too.  What this means for our wedding couples is that you can rent a more economically-priced condo or cottage in the middle of the island in town;  have your guests walk down to the beach access that is closest to your home; and then the bride can choose whatever form of transportation she desires, including walking, car, golf cart, or even motorcycle to get to the beach. There are many different lodging options for just about any budget large or small and they seem to be growing all the time.


For most couples, holding the wedding at a resort or hotel means all of the facilities are taken care of. Not only will your guests have a place to freshen up between the ceremony and reception, but they’ll also have the option of staying the night near the beach. If you’re only holding the ceremony at the beach, consider renting temporary facilities — a nice alternative to a public restroom. If there are restaurants near the beach, you could also consider holding the ceremony, followed by an intimate reception at a nearby restaurant.  In Port Aransas, we suggest Port Royal, Sandcastle Condos, Beachgate, Seashell Village, Mayan Princess and The Tarpon Inn.


Time & Tides

Once you choose a day, we will work with you to plan a time for your ceremony.  We will help to ensure that the number of beach-goers is at a minimum yet the lighting will be optimal.  After all, you are getting married outside and you will want to maximize the benefits of natural lighting. Most of our ceremonies will take place between 1-2 hours before sunset which means between 5-7pm in the summer time May-October and 4-6pm the rest of the year. Fortunately, our photographers and wedding planners are well-informed about such things.


If you’re a very early riser, holding a sunrise ceremony on the beach could make for a private, romantic beginning. For most people however, some time in the late afternoon or closer to sunset works better. Not only does the sunset provide a beautiful backdrop, it means you avoid the heat of the day and won’t be squinting in all of your photos. Just make sure you plan the ceremony early enough so that there’s still enough sunlight for photos by the time.  We suggest an hour before sunset.  Click here to determine sunset times in Port Aransas, temperature history and more.



Our beaches are big and beautiful and the tide only recedes to the dunes a few instances a year.  You can check for low tides and high tides at various internet sites (for example, and but the tides should not be a problem for your wedding ceremony on our beaches. You can check the tide for the day of your wedding far in advance, and should plan accordingly. In general, having a wedding at low tide, or as the tide is going out means you’ll have a quieter ceremony and won’t have to worry about an advancing water line getting in the way.



We don’t like to use the ‘R word’ at Texas Beach Country Weddings, but sometimes that clear, gentle liquid does fall from the sky. In that case, we have options that will keep you warm and dry. And remember that they say that for every rain drop that falls, the bride will cry one less tear in her life. They also say that ‘happy is the bride the sun shines on’.  So, either way: your wedding will be perfect! Now wind, we have no idea what that means to a wedding and sometimes we have a bit of that.


Since you can’t control the weather, the best you can do is plan for the worst. Having a solid rain plan that you and your fiancé are happy with is essential for any type of outdoor ceremony. This is why holding the wedding at a beach resort or hotel can be a good idea. The resort will likely have an indoor area, or allow you to tent an outdoor area in case of rain. Check with the venue before booking to make sure they have a rain plan you’re happy with. From the start, you should also rule out certain times of the year. Check the history of weather here.




What (not to)Wear

Bridal couples and their families and friends often ask us about appropriate beach wedding attire. But one of the best things about a beach wedding is that nearly anything and everything is acceptable. Some couples prefer the traditional long white dress for the bride and black tie for the groom and yes, many of our couples in formal attire still go barefoot.  Still others opt for a slightly less formal look with a long, silk or linen dress for the bride and a linen suit or sport coat for the groom. But, many, many couples prefer what might be called ‘dressy beach casual’: a sundress for the bride and linen shirt and khaki pants for the groom, Guayabera shirts are a very popular option in South Texas for men.  But, formal or informal, almost anything goes, including Hawaiian shirts and shorts. The important thing is to be relaxed. And be yourselves.  And, oh yes, be in love. Just remember most islanders will tell you that the island is a no tie zone, so you decide.


Make Up and Hair

Once you schedule your wedding with us, we’ll send information about professional make-up and hair stylists who will come to your hotel room or beach house, as well as reputable hair salons in Corpus Christi, Port Aransas and Rockport whose stylists are experienced in creating beautiful looks for weddings.



The wonderful thing about beach weddings is that there are no rules.  And that goes double for receptions.  Imagine a moonlight picnic on the beach,  following a sunset wedding; an informal barbecue at your beach house or on the beach, either prepared by the loving hands of your own family members or catered by one of Port Aransas's great restaurants. Or perhaps you prefer a small, elegant dinner catered by the finest chefs in South Texas?  As beach wedding experts, we can personally arrange for receptions that will blow you away.  We have under one roof, DJ's, photo booths, coordinators, photographers, videographers, bartenders and so much more for a great reception. Dis you know the beach makes a great dance floor? Once you schedule your wedding with us, we pass that information on to you.  Whether you want a quiet gathering of family and friends or a party with dancing and a live band, we’ll steer you toward the right resources. Remember, there are no rules, except one: it’s your wedding.



Guest List

You should decide early on that you want to have a beach wedding, as the ceremony location will set the mood for the rest of the evening. Are you eloping, inviting a small group, or having a traditional larger ceremony on the beach? The size of your guest list will help you determine a lot from the start, for instance, if the party is small enough, you may be able to simply use a spot on the beach. For larger parties, Port Aransas Beach Weddings pulls the city permits for you.




Addressing invitations can be tricky for the beach.  If you are staying at a condo, ask them what Mile Marker they are located.  Otherwise, address your invitation as Port Aransas Beach,  Mile Marker __ (it’s usually 12) but please confirm with your consultant beforehand.



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